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As chartered accountants established since 1984 we have honed a tried, tested and proven process that enables us to truly understand you and your business in order to give you the expert advice you need, whatever your business sector, your legal status or your place of residence may be.

We provide a full range of accountancy services and of tax services tailored to meet your business needs : day-to-day business management, tax compliance, compliance with social security obligations, etc.


/ Accounting services

Business accounting

  • Setting up of accounting systems in line with the size of your business
  • Keeping, monitoring and review of accounts
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements for companies (presentation engagement of the French national institute of chartered accountants) and provision of the other accounting services foreseen by the French national institute of chartered accountants (limited assurance engagement and audit or reasonable assurance engagement)
  • Preparation of annual accounts in French, in German and in English: balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes to the financial statements
  • Issuing the certificate signed by the chartered accountant foreseen by the engagement letter
  • Full outsourcing of the accounting function (bookkeeping, cash management, payments, etc.)

/ Business management

Starting, growing and transferring a business in France

Starting a business :
  • Advising on the choice of the legal, social and tax status of your business in France
  • Carrying out the legal formalities needed to set up a business in France
  • Preparation of financial forecasts including cash flow and profit projections
  • Assisting clients in finding the best loan offer and negotiating the financing of the project
Developing and growing a business : management and decision support tools :
  • Designing a reporting template to help you understand the performance of your business and steer it in future periods
  • Preparation and interpretation of periodic management accounts
  • Preparation of balanced scorecards
  • Assisting clients in drawing up a budget, controlling it, analysing variances, and determining activity-based results
  • Investments: advising on the choice of the best funding mechanism, on how to determine profitability and on the choice of computer hardware and software
  • Support and advice on business asset management
Exiting a business : business valuation / transferring your business :
  • Support and advice on transferring your business, whether for financial reward or not
  • Strategic planning and assisting with every stage of your project (M&A, restructuring)

/ IT services

Support and guidance on automation

Establishing computer-based systems :
  • Preparation of feasibility study and needs assessment
  • Implementing an e-invoicing system
  • Guidance on the choice of computer hardware and software (bookkeeping, automated uploading of banking flows to the accounting software, preparation of expense reimbursement forms, preparation of payslips)
  • Configuring accounting softwares, invoicing softwares and providing training on how to use them efficiently
  • Proposing IT solutions in connection with accounting processing, issuing e-invoices and automating the uploading of banking flows to the accounting software

/ Tax services

Business taxation and VAT

  • Preparation of all business-related tax returns
  • Tax advice, various studies on housing taxation and international tax
  • Tax audit and tax advisory
  • VAT audit – compliance
  • Preparation of the reliable audit trail’s documentation
  • Reviewing tax notices and applications for tax relief
  • Assisting clients with tax audits and tax litigation

/ Tax services

Personal taxation

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Preparation of the returns in relation to the tax on property wealth
  • Succession planning : advising on inheritance and dismemberment of ownership
  • Assisting clients with tax audits and tax litigation

/ Payroll services

Audit, advice and support in relation to staff management:

Support and guidance on staff management:
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Drawing up employment contracts and completing hiring formalities
  • Preparation of payslips and of all declarations in connection with social security contributions
  • Assistance with dismissal procedures and other contract terminations
  • Assistance with URSSAF (French national insurance) audits and all other social welfare agencies audits
  • Assistance with staff representation and in setting up the CSE (Social and Economic Committee)
Support and guidance on labour and social regulation :
  • Social studies and consultations
  • Advising on the best employee savings scheme and assisting clients in launching it
  • Advising on contracts for supplementary pension schemes and for provident funds
  • Assisting clients in organising professional interviews and annual performance reviews
Social audit
  • Reviewing compliance with labour and social security law
  • Reviewing the company’s social policy and organisation
  • Analysing HR practices and processes
  • Assessing and controlling risks in connection with remuneration, health and safety or litigation
  • Optimising payroll costs

/ International taxation

VAT compliance

  • VAT registration in France – filing for a French intra-community VAT number
  • Preparation of VAT returns in France
  • Preparation of intra-community trade in goods and intra-community trade in services declarations
  • VAT audit
  • Studying the feasibility of starting a business in France
  • Tax management of stocks in France

/ International business relations

Guidance on international strategy

  • Advising on setting up a subsidiary in France and on domiciliation, assisting with company secretarial duties and with translations
  • Payroll management of the sales representatives of foreign companies in France
  • Assisting customers in finding partners
  • Guidance and support of our clients based abroad
  • Advice on international taxation
  • Determining the best social status of foreign business executives in charge of French firms

/ Real estate

Guidance and support for professional or personal real estate investors

Professional or personal real estate investments:
  • Determining the best investment vehicle: Société Civile Immobilière or direct ownership
  • Determining the best method of ownership: unrestricted ownership or dismemberment of ownership
  • Advising on the choice of lease conditions: unfurnished or furnished/equipped lettings
  • Determining the best funding mechanism: traditional credit, property leasing, contributions to the current account, etc.
  • Determining the best tax system: income tax or corporation tax
  • Preparation of a profit projection and advice on the best tax regime
Real estate developers :
  • Determining the best legal structure of the project
  • Analysing the draft budget
  • Reviewing feasibility and monitoring operations
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Budgetary controls based on cost accounting
  • Financial reports
  • Reporting of indicators at the level of the real estate group (equity contributions, cash flow, summary of bills of sale, detailed situation of each subsidiary, etc.).
Real estate agents :
  • Determination of cash flow peaks
  • Certificate of ownership of funds
  • Reviewing the accounts of principals
  • Reviewing compliance with obligations (notably with HOGUET Act)
  • Reviewing mandatory registers
  • Applying for the establishment or the renewal of the professional card
Property dealers:
  • Analysing the property project and advising on it (choosing the best VAT regime, analysing construction work, determining margin and VAT on margin)
  • Where appropriate, monitoring operations in connection with each lot, guidance and support
  • Management of real estate transactions carried out in joint ownership or, if applicable, by means of a joint venture

/ Legal services

Legal support and advice

  • Determining the best legal structure of your business
  • Assisting with company formation and in completing formalities: drawing up the statutes of the firm and registering your new business with the French Companies House (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises)
  • Carrying out company secretarial duties, whether the formalities be ordinary (i.e. general meetings called to approve accounts), or extraordinary (i.e. meetings called to approve structural changes, e.g. a transfer of shares, a legal transformation, etc.)
  • Digitalising processes and completing legal formalities

/ Asset strategy

Advice and support for your real estate investments

  • Choice of host structures (direct ownership or ownership through companies)
  • Reviewing assets
  • Choice of real estate investments: unfurnished lettings, furnished lettings, etc.
  • Advising on the best funding mechanism: traditional credit or property leasing, etc.
  • Organising the transfer of assets: analysis – cost – tax opportunities

/ Audit

Contractual audit

  • Contractual services
  • Analysing procedures, reviewing internal control
  • Preparation of due diligences