Chartered accountants, auditors & business advisers

Cabinet Tania Fournaise SAS is an expert team of chartered accountants, registered auditors and business advisers, based in Strasbourg and in Paris.
We offer a full range of accounting services combined with a high degree of skill in relation to housing taxation and to international business relations, notably French-German relations.

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Mutual trust
High accessibility

Our team of about 15 young and dynamic people is eager to provide day-to-day expert advice and support to all our clients, whether French or foreigners, businesses or private clients.

Cabinet Tania Fournaise SAS is a nationally and internationally reputable independent accountancy firm.  Our company’s experience of more than 35 years and our company’s specialities in housing taxation and French-German business relations made our company’s reputation.

Established in 1984 by Tania Fournaise, our firm has developed a tried, tested and proven know-how in the service of companies and private clients.

Multidisciplinary and multilingual people work with Tania Fournaise to provide a full range of accountancy services that are tailored to meet the business needs of each company and of each private client.

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Guidance on your international projects

Our headquarters are based in Strasbourg, the EU’s capital city.

Our location, our experience and our skills in connection with international business relations make us the reliable and proactive expert team that will meet your needs in relation to your international projects.

Cabinet Tania Fournaise is a member of the international network called Wiras Verbund International, the largest professional association of German-speaking chartered accountants, auditors and lawyers in the world.

This partnership enables us to offer you the best advisers in more than 40 countries!

We are proud to support and advise businesses and private clients based in the whole world on their day-to-day financial matters:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Luxemburg
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Denmark

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A full range of accountancy services combined with expert skills in housing taxation and international business relations

To lead you down the path to success, our firm offers a full range of services that are essential for the smooth running of your business.

These services are combined with expert skills in French-German business relations, housing taxation and international taxation.


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    Our team supports you every day at every stage of your projects to provide you with clever solutions tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. Our modern and clear approach to accounting and related tasks enables us to provide the business executive and his or her team with valuable advice. Our process : a tailor-made approach for the support and advice of each firm, whatever their size and sector of activity, for risk anticipation and for a facilitated understanding and management of legislative and regulatory obligations.

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    Housing taxation

    At Cabinet Tania Fournaise your real estate projects are in the hands of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Whatever your needs may be (real estate purchase, legacy, property transfer, day-to-day accounting and tax management), we can provide you with expert advice. Our team boldly defines asset strategies in line with your wishes, combining legal security and tax optimisation.

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    Labour and social regulation

    Our team specialised in labour law and payroll provides businesses with day-to-day expert advice and support in connection with staff management. We always favour tailor-made guidance, whatever your business sector and your country of establishment may be. Daily support combined with labour and social regulation related advice are particularly important to us in this field which has been marked by successive reforms and where legal security is essential.

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    French-German business relations

    Whether you are a non-resident private person planning to move to France or you are planning business growth in France, we can find the tailored solution for your project. We can put you in touch with an independent adviser in Germany too, if you need guidance for a personal or business project in Germany.

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    International taxation

    In a complex and changing legislative environment, our multilingual team provides you with expert advice and support on international tax law and offers you their insight into law enforcement in respect of international relations. Our expert skills include direct taxes, VAT, gift and inheritance taxes.

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Strong values

Our firm attaches great importance to its corporate culture and the values shared by our clients and our people.

Consequently, our dynamic, multilingual and ambitious team strives for excellence and always finds the tailor-made solution for our clients.

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